Buckhead Atlanta Merging Tradition & New

Buckhead Atlanta Merging Tradition & New

Buckhead Atlanta Merging Tradition & NewBuckhead Atlanta Merging Tradition & NewBuckhead Atlanta Merging Tradition & New


 2011 - "Buckhead Atlanta" emerged as the popular search phrase for our neighborhood as The Shops Buckhead Atlanta previous owner, Oliver McMillan attempted to trademark the term, twice. In December at the Buckhead Bisnow conference, esteemed retired Buckhead Mayor Sam Massell endorsed the phrase when asked about it, because it is part of Atlanta, now completing the

new smile on Atlanta. 

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Buckhead Atlanta Apartments


Written during Corona Virus Quarantine on March 31st 2020

New apartments in Buckhead Atlanta have become one of the defining characteristics  of the neighborhood for the past 10 years. The Irby tops the list of new apartments for 2020. In Buckhead Village and The Shops Buckhead Atlanta, seven luxury complexes have been completed in the past seven years, Hanover Buckhead Village and . Just further north of the 5 Points of Buckhead Atlanta - The Residence Buckhead Atlanta,  Alexan Buckhead Village, Modera Buckhead, The Huntley on Park Avenue, Cyan on Peachtree Apartments, The Ashley Gables, Allure in Buckhead Village.

Buckhead Atlanta Being Dominated by Apartments?

Answer is a definitive no, but the need for them continues to increase, and presumably will do so once the quarantines are lifted, and we return to normal interaction. For example, home sale activity retained some strength in the second half of March, after we were quarantined. Delinating date being March 15th. The number of homes that were officially listed from March 1st to 15th and March 16th to the present were the same. As for what April holds, no one knows.  Underlying the optimism are two facts: 1. Atlanta continues to be one of the largest places for corporate and personal relocation, and 2. Georgia is, again, the #1 state in the country in which to do business.

Buckhead Apartments

Vic At Buckhead, Manor at Buckhead, Live at Tremont (intersection of Roswell and Piedmont Roads), Gramercy at Buckhead (walking distance to Buckhead Village and the Shops Buckhead Atlanta), Camden Buckhead Square, The Aster Buckhead, The Haynes House (walking distance from the Peachtree Battle Shopping Center), The Bryant at Buckhead Village (across the street from the Atlanta Fish Market), The Sutton Buckhead, Post Peachtree Hills, Uptown Buckhead, 05 Buckhead, Park at Peachtree Hills, 2460 Apartments, 55 Pharr.

Great Location for Buckhead for Majority of Buckhead Apartments - Walkability

Whether or not the builders of the mature Buckhead apartments planned for a live, work, play community, they succeeded in achieving that objective. Most of the new ones have definitely pursued that goal. Either they are centrally located in the Buckhead Village neighborhood, or next to the major and renowned office complexes or other major cross streets such as Pharr Road and Peachtree Hills Avenue.

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